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Soy Candles

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Bring some inviting comfort to your home, office, or space with our Soy Candles.

Scent Guide:

Dream Catcher (Le Male by John Paul Gautier inspired) [man] This is a traditional and bold men's fragrance that is magnetic and highly appealing to women. It is a seductive, original scent that has a fresh scent with mint and floral scents mixed with musky notes. An ideal scent for the modern man who wants a fresh, masculine scent that will appeal to women. It will help any man light up the night but still works for day-to-day use. It has top notes of fresh mint, artemisia, aromatic cardamom and bergamot and floral heart notes of lavender and orange blossom with spicy cinnamon and cumin and strong base notes of sandalwood, sweet vanilla, pungent cedar, tonka bean and exotic amber.

Ocean Blue (Light Blue Men by Dolce & Gabbana inspired) [man] A light and masculine fragrance that is like a breath of fresh air from the blue sky. It is a scent for the modern man who is looking for refreshing, clean scent with a lot of appeal. It epitomizes relaxed sophistication and works well as a scent for the daytime. Has bright top notes of Sicilian mandarin, frozen grapefruit peel, and bergamot mixed with the woody scent of juniper. The woody heart notes of rosewood and rosemary are combined with spicy Szechuan pepper. Earthy base notes of musk wood, oakmoss and the sparkle of incense finish the scent.

Arabian Nights (Naturally Luxurious blended) [man] Dive into a deep, powerful, yet fresh & clean scent for men. It is like an intoxicating warm summer breeze. This scent is for a warm elegant modern man with a laid-back spirit with a sense of adventure. Combines fresh, woody, leathery notes of bergamot, black pepper, vetiver, leather, black woods, fresh lime, ginger, and patchouli.

Date Night (Moon Sparkle Man by Escada inspired) [man] Evokes memories of hot summer nights where anything is possible. Aromatic citrus notes are combined with cool spice, washed in an invigorating aquatic accord. It's the epitome of masculine freshness.

Soft Petals (Naturally Luxurious blended) [woman] A sweet yet sensual and soft fragrance that lets a woman combine innocence, sophistication, and self-worth. It combines the earthy, captivating scent of musk with the sweet, green scent of mimosa. It contains top notes of Bulgarian rose. It contains middle notes of romantic Tuberose and exotic jasmine. It finishes with base notes of orris and luxurious amber. It is the ideal fragrance for the romantic and refined woman who has a strong sense of her own worth, who enjoys the duality of being an innocent who exudes a naturality sensuality. A great daytime scent while the exotic musk makes it alluring enough for a night of transcendent romance.

Bedroom Behavior (Coco by Chanel inspired) [woman] A women's irrepressible fragrance that captures the youthful spirit of today. It is a feminine blend of bright citrus notes from Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian grapefruit with romantic floral notes of rose extract, the exotic scents of Haitian vetiver and white musk and the fruity tang of lychee. It is a luxurious, elegant fragrance with a youthful edge that is perfect for the modern young woman. The light, refreshing notes make it perfect for an active day but the romantic, feminine notes mean that it works well for a special night out.

Forbidden Fruit (Naturally Luxurious blended) [woman] A fruity fragrance mixture.

Soul of a Luxurious Man (Naturally Luxurious blended) [man] This fragrance is for the Man that is confidant in his stride, purpose, and self-worth. For the Alpha man that demands respect and attention without saying a word!

Soul of a Luxurious Woman (Naturally Luxurious blended) [woman] This fragrance is for the Woman that has an overabundance of self-value and worth. Her stride is of elegance, yet powerful enough to walk alone which will heighten the Alpha males' senses enough to grab his attention and keep it!

Mysterious Madam (Naturally Luxurious blended) [woman] This mysterious fresh, fruity, floral mix will leave the senses intrigued and stimulated. When you enter a room, everyone will wonder.... Who's that girl?

Euphoria (Escada Moon Sparkle Woman inspired) [women] For a Sexy, Magical Intensity, evoke memories of hot summer nights where anything is possible. This luscious mix of sweet red fruits and delicate florals, infused with a smooth base of woods.

Seduction (Escada Candy Love inspired) [women] A delectable, fun scent for woman that has the energy and excitement of a sugar rush. It contains top notes of sweet candy apple accord, heart notes of romantic rose centifolia, and finishes with base notes of vanilla whipped cream. It is the ideal scent for the young and vibrant woman who has a longing for romance.

Power (Barack Obama inspired) [men] A clean and energetic scent. It is a bright spicy scent with a cool citrus finish. It contains notes of lavender, orange blossoms, hints of orris, patchouli and the woods with a lingering base of leather and vanilla.

Ms. Blue (Light Blue Dolce & Gabbana Woman inspired) [women] A light and feminine fragrance that is like a breath of fresh air from the blue sky. It combines the crisp scent of granny smith apples with the soft floral scents of white rose and bluebells and sharp woodsy scents of bamboo Sicilian cedar and cedarwood, and the exotic scents of jasmine, amber and musk. It is a perfect scent for the modern woman who is looking for a fragrance that is crisp and fresh with softer notes.

Innocence (Yves Saint Laurent: Libre inspired) [women] A charming, feminine fragrance for women that evokes a beautiful spring day. It blends top notes of mandarin and neroli with floral heart notes of orange blossom, jasmine and lavender, and then finishes with base notes of exotic amber, scrumptious vanilla, ambergris, and sensual musk. It is the ideal fragrance for the woman who has a softer, romantic side to go with a vibrant personality.

Attraction (Jimmy Choo: I want choo inspired) [women] A luxurious and fresh fragrance for women that represents the yearning for the finer things in life. It contains top of notes of juicy mandarin and fresh peach. It contains heart notes of exotic jasmine and red spider lily. It finishes with base notes of scrumptious vanilla. It is the ideal fragrance for the ambitious woman who can command a room.

Harmony (Salvatore Ferragamo: Signorina Misteriosa inspired) [women] An intriguing and sensual fragrance for the complex woman who is always a delightful mystery to be solved. It contains top notes of wild blackberry and neroli. It contains heart notes of orange blossom, and tuberose. It finishes with base notes of scrumptious black vanilla mousse accord and bright patchouli. It is the ideal fragrance for the elegant woman of discerning taste who cultivates an alluring Mona Lisa smile which hints at the deeper layers of her personality.

Strength (Michelle Obama inspired) [women] A scent a that is clean and fresh citrus fragrance. Has a delicate blend of orange blossoms and citrus notes that dries down to a soft and powdery musk finish.